I spent a decade on the stage, kicking off my first production at eight years old. Starting in the ensemble, I shortly worked my way up to supporting and lead roles. My favourite role was playing Alice in the hit pantomime WONDER IN ALICELAND. Nah, that ain't a typo. 

Deciding it was time to try out film, I followed the same method - I gained set experience as an extra, learning all the jargon. I read books and attended casting workshops and short courses whenever the kitty was topped up from birthday and Christmas money.

I trained for film at the National Institute of Dramatic Act through the Screen Actors Studio and signed with the incredible Sue Morris from DUKE ACTORS MANAGEMENT shortly after graduating. 

One standout in my filming experience was landing a US advertising campaign (during the COVID pandemic of all times) for a TACO BELL and X-BOX TVC. The commercial was premiered during the 2020 NBA FINALS, MBL WORLD SERIES and in cinemas across America.

The best quote about acting that I came across, the one that really solidified the choice to go all-in, was this...
"Don't do it...Unless you have to."  
So here we are.

Now for some character-defining facts:

I am the youngest sibling.
I have Italian and Irish background. 
I own 205 plants.