Gemma Dart Headshot 2020.jpg

I spent a decade on the stage, kicking off my first production at eight years old. Safe to say I fit the stereotype of a theatre kid. Starting in the ensemble, I worked my way up to supporting and lead roles. My favourite was playing Alice in the pantomime WONDER IN ALICELAND. 

Deciding it was time for a new medium, I followed the same method in the film industry - I gained set experience as an extra, I read books, attended casting workshops and short courses whenever the wallet obliged. 

I auditioned for the National Institute of Dramatic Act's Screen and Theatre Actors Studio and was accepted into both. Needing to choose between the two, I continued with film aspirations, which led me to being signed with Sue Morris from DUKE ACTORS MANAGEMENT shortly after graduation. 

One standout in my film experience was landing a US advertising campaign (during the COVID pandemic of all times) for a TACO BELL and X-BOX TV commercial. The TVC premiered during the 2020 NBA FINALS, MBL WORLD SERIES and in cinemas across America.

I am the youngest sibling.
I have Italian and Irish background. 
I own 205 plants.