At the ripe age of six, the dream of becoming a self-sufficient ice-cream parlour was traded in for a life of performance and I've never strayed from it since. The passion for acting was set in stone when I joined a local musical theatre company a year later. The following decade was filled with stage make up and sequins, playing lead and supporting roles in The Sound of Music, Annie, South PacificAladdin, Cinderella, Wonder In Aliceland* to name a few. 

It would be vain to plug achievements in the first paragraph so now we're at the second, let's commence with the highlight of high school education, where I placed first in the Higher School Certificate in Drama, performing a self-written monologue featuring an angsty teen in high school. Groundbreaking. 


Fast-track a year later (because nothing exciting happens when you work full time in an Australian Government a call centre) I was accepted into the Theatre and Screen Actor's Studio at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) so I decided to kiss the stage lippy goodbye and take the latter path and immerse in the meticulous art of film. I was fortunate enough to learn from the ingenious minds of Natasha McNamara, Pip Edwards, Gabriella McGrail, Brett Rogers, Ben Mathews, Dave Burrowes and Kylie Bonaccorso. 

To gain set experience and learn that an apple box is not a box full of apples for snack time, I started as a humble extra on student shorts and big budget feature films, eventually working my way up to supporting and lead roles in award-winning productions. 

Most recently, the Australian web-series Sydney Sleuthers has been receiving a tonne of love from overseas film festivals. After placing first in the 2018 Filmaka Competition, granting us the funding to complete series one, some of the nominations include Best Sound Design, Best Lead Actress, Best Editor and Best Comedy Cast Ensemble. The latter two, our Sleuthers took home the gold for. 

If you have a short attention span, this is your invitation to have a break from this lengthy bio and enjoy the snappy 4 minute episodes of the series here

In the midst of filming Sydney Sleuthers in 2019, I landed the lead role in the confronting film, Magnetic, a short exploring the depths that mental illness can take us to and the struggle to hold onto creative inspiration. Produced by Matchbox Picturesthe film was selected into the Screenability Program and had its world premiere at the 2019 Sydney Film Festival in June. 

Entering the new decade, I'm excited for what's to come. New projects, music and scripts are pouring a thirst-quenching creative glass of water. 

Stay hydrated, be kind and spread some love. The world needs it. 

- G

*Yes "Aliceland". It was a pantomime.